Faithful reproduction of a cult classic monophonic synth


Two digital oscillators with three variable waveshapes — pulse, ramp, and enhanced mode


Pulse width modulation on OSC1


Variable pitch control on OSC2


Analog VCF with highpass, lowpass, notch, and bandpass modes and sweepable resonance


LFO with six selectable waveforms, noise, and pitch and frequency mod controls


VCA envelope generator with attack, decay, and sustain/repeat controls


Control envelope generator with attack, decay, delay/repeat controls


Eurorack compatible with a 70HP footprint


Combine with multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony with Poly Chain


USB-MIDI plus 5-pin DIN In and Thru


Glide (portamento)


External audio input


Low-output and high-output 1/4" outs

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