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Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Designed in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular, the West Pest from Cre8Audio is a modern West Coastsynth that uses an in-house custom circuit for fat, buzzing, and peculiar Buchla-like sounds. So-called West Coast synthesizers use wavefolding and combination VCA/low pass filters, often referred to as low pass gates. The West Pest uses these techniques with a unique Waveform Contour section, letting you dial in the right about of grit with a satisfyingly large Timbre knob. Fine-tune the harmonics with a resonance knob and bring some movement in with a modulation knob.

The Dynamics Contour is where you can create those characteristic snappy plucks or bongo sounds. A fast attack quickly opens the VCA and the Sustain and Decay are up to you to control with a low pass filter gently rolling off the highs as the amplitude falls. Both the wavefolder and the dynamics controller have independent inputs that are accessible via the patchbay—along with 18 other patch points—letting you reroute anything on the West Pest or bring in any other audio device.

Designed to be self-contained as well as to expand your existing Eurorack setup, the West Pest also features a built-in LFO with triangle and square waveforms, a built-in sequencer, and options aplenty. You can also plug in your favorite MIDI controller or use the built-in button keyboard to create melodic lines or manipulate the sequencer/arpeggiator. Cre8audio's West Pest is a robust, full-featured, and fun synth for all levels of synthesist.

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