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The Ape Blaster Fuzz is built in Seattle, Washington and is about as straight forward as it gets. A high-gain silicon affair with fuzz level fixed at maximum, the player is given a volume control and a toggle switch that provides a mild bass cut when clicked forward. The tonal varieties, by switching between pickups or utilizing the guitar's volume controls, are a vast ocean easily lost in. Fat, woofy, and aggressive. With a mild compression/bloom, it pays tribute to the roots of fuzz, but snarls into the future with its incredible sustain and smoothness. Producing powerful lows with tremendous mids and thick highs, it is a sonic maze not for the faint of heart. At certain pickup output volumes, the Ape Blaster Fuzz almost starts a very subtle octavio effect. And with high output pickups, when you dump the volume the pedal begins to self-oscillate.

Electric Heat Ape Blaster Fuzz USED!!!


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