With the Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 Tube Microphone Preamp, Electro-Harmonix offers an affordable tube micrphone preamp that won't disappoint. Equipped with a 12AY7 tube and a 12AU7 driver, it gives microphones the widest dynamic range with the warmest possible tone and accuracy. The 12AY7 Mic Pre uses an actual 200V supply instead of the "faked out" 12 or 48 volts you'd get with common models and delivers 50dB of gain into a high impedance load or 40dB gain into 600 ohms.

The 12AY7 Mic Preamp's special FET current-balancing circuit allows the tubes to amplify the microphone signal to line level while eliminating noise and protecting against hum and hostile electrical environments. It has an extra TRS output for separate line control, which can be used as a splitter or an aux send for monitoring. Input connections are balanced in and out (XLR) with a 1/4" TRS balanced buffer out. The Electro-Harmonix mic pre unit also boasts a phase reverse switch and a +4dBm indicator light for setting optimal mic level. The 48V phantom power is soft starting and pop-free.

Missing Tube Guard

Comes w/Power Supply

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