Three parallel fuzz circuits... at once.

This is the culmination of a search for fuzz saturation.  This pedal delivers three harmonically different one knob fuzzes simultaneously, without stacking or losing definition.  This pedal moves some air...

The three knobs can be run on their own or blended to achieve a surprisingly wide range of different textures and tones. The Bright and Dark together will produce cleaner (?) fuzz sounds. The Bright and Sweet produce a cutting, woolly tone. The Dark and Sweet together opens up the deepest, heaviest tones.

This is a very high gain aggressive pedal.  You can pull off some of the high end and feedback by rolling off the volume on your guitar... We think it actually sounds best with the guitar volume at about 8 (depending on the guitar).  Rolling off the volume will at first thicken it up and roll off extreme highs without losing fuzz.  As you roll further down you should start to clean up some, not much, but some.

B: Bright voice of our Evolution Fuzz pedal.  Unity around 10 'o' clock. Cutting cocked wah like tones.
D: Dark voice of our Evolution Fuzz pedal. Unity around 11 'o' clock. Heavy, deep tones.
S: A modified Sweetleaf Fuzz.  Unity around noon. Woolly, distorted tones.

All my pedals are hand made here in Maine. Each box is hand painted and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.

Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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