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Reverb pedal designs continue to become more evolved, and the Liquid Ambience Polyphonic Reverb from Flux Effects is truly at the head of the pack. Two different kinds of circuits contribute to the lush tone – a hall reverb and a polyphonic octave generator.

The controls take a little getting used to but are quite intuitive. ‘Voice’ is a blend for the octave generator, and can go up or down. Also featured is a Bend mode that offers a slight detune effect, like a chorus or flanger. The actual sound of the reverb is tailored via the ‘Space’ pot, which controls the size of the reverberation. ‘Evolve’ manipulates the octave generator even further allowing for synth-like sounds and much more. ‘Mix’ is a standard dry/wet blend.

Some other features that set this unit apart are an on-board effects loop for conjuring any sound you can imagine. Some complex routing scenarios are plausible using the I/O. The ‘More’ switch gives you just that – more insane sounds to play with.

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