HIGH PRIESTESS (mk II version) is the Gremlin tribute to a vintage Ram's Head Muff circuit, but it has more aggressive overall gain and attack. Old school heavy metal at it's finest!


Clipping selector toggle for VINTAGE (silicons) vs MODERN (hybrid asymmetrical w/ LED) diodes for adjustment of clipping/compression/output to your specific taste.

Powerfully interactive MID & TONE controls built to improved Gremlin specs, along with refined clipping stages for precision attack and tone. Scoop the mids like the original or set them flat-to-boosted and cut through the mix like a heavy battle axe.


BOOST footswitch also cuts through the mix with increased mids and volume (+6dB) from the stock mode. Perfect to engage for solos or crushing rhythms, or just to have a secondary tone on the fly. This stompbox is especially perfect for all you Sabbath and Sleep worshipers.

Gremlin High Priestess MkII NEW!!!


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