If you are a collector or HM-2 "comparator" then this will be an ultra rarity built with extremely high quality for the price, and lifetime warranty.

THE STORY : Just wanted to build one for myself, but needed to order 5 cases and boards to be a cost-effective build. I actually ended up getting 10 boards by mistake so there will be 10 in existence, one of which belongs to myself of course! So here is your one shot at getting a "Gremlinized" HM-2.

FEATURES : Built closely (but not exactly) to original specs and components, has a few updates to my choice of specs including op amps, diodes, Mids & High pot values/tapers, and the Gain knob range (tighter). This is fully intended for overdriving a dirty amp channel into chainsaw mode.

Added the "Mids Assign" toggle switch to re-couple the MIDS control back to the HIGH knob like the original Boss unit. Cool feature for having a secondary scooped tone dialed and ready with a flip. Or just to be sure you are on the OG dial setup if you prefer anyway.

Gremlin Whiplash HM-2 NEW!!!


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