1.Friction adjustable clutch with Allen wrench. Up and down stiffness adjustment.
2. Negative tip 9 volt power supply, matches most guitar effect voltages. With a hookup cord from your pedal-board manufacturer, you can power the guitar pedal direct without using Hilton's power transformer.
3. You may purchase the Hilton Pro Guitar without the power supply, and it will work by hooking it up directly to your pedal board.
4. Guitar Pro Pedal comes equipped with a dedicated tuner output.
5. Guitar Best for pedal steel guitar the left side. Best for pedal boards.
6. Regular profile, best for standing guitarist. With a pedal board or not, most parallel to the floor when pedal is at full on position.
7. Set to be transparent.
8. In production. Limited Edition, limited supply. May require a wait for order.
9. Dynamic Response - Excellent, best in the industry.
10. Off point control on the side of the pedal.
11. Patented infrared control system.

Hilton Pro Guitar Limited Edition USED!!!


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