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Tremdriver is a high headroom preamp that makes any rig sound bigger and better combined with a foot-switchable harmonic tremolo that gives you amazingly lush and swirly pulses. Designed to run towards the end of your pedal chain, the Drive and Output controls puts you in clean boost heaven. Then switch on the harmonic tremolo mode, adjust the Speed from a slow pulse to a quick quiver, and prepare to be mesmerized for hours!

Tremdriver combines three EP-3 style JFET preamps running at 24 volts with specially voiced Univibe LFO circuits to create its unique magic. Its novel combination of vintage all-discrete circuit blocks was conjured to create a new pedal that sounds and feels like the classic '70s big wall-powered unit that never was. Don't worry though, it comes in a pedalboard-friendly custom enclosure and runs off of a standard 9-volt power supply so you can get that huge vintage sound without having to have a huge vintage unit on top of your amp.

It’s like a mastering plug-in for your pedalboard!

Kittycaster FX Tremdriver USED!!!


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