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The Rane PE 15 Parametric Equalizer is a single channel 5-band device of incredible versatility. It incorporates all the required features of a parametric equalizer and full-function notch filter set. Each of the five filters in the PE 15 cover a center Frequency range of four octaves, a Bandwidth of .03 to 1.5 octaves, and a boost/cut range of +15 dB to -20 dB. Bands one and five switch to allow peaking or shelving characteristics.

Special attention to the design of the state-variable filters make all of these adjustments possible. All parameters are completely independent. To the user, this means any control may be operated in any order without affecting the others. This flexibility makes the PE 15 ideal for all audio contouring applications. A range that begins with the sharpest of notch filters and continues through broad-band program contouring.

Each Filter in the PE 15 may be individually Bypassed via a front panel switch, allowing the operator to audibly audition the effect of each Filter. An overall Bypass switch provides a "hard-wire" from the Input connector to the Output connector, completely defeating all effects of the unit. An overall Master Control Level covers a range of completely off to +20 dB. Front panel LEDs include individual Bypass and a system Overload indicator. The rear panel provides both XLR as well as 1/4" Inputs and Outputs. All connectors are fully active balanced. As a notch filter the PE 15 is unsurpassed. With bandwidths as narrow as 1/30th octave and deep 20 dB cut capability the PE 15 can remove any undesired slice of audio resonance without audibly affecting sonic quality.

  • Five Parametric Bands
  • Four Octave Frequency Sweep Range per Band
  • .03 to 1.5 Octave Bandwidth Range
  • -20 to +15 dB Filter Level Range with 0 dB Detent Controls
  • Bands 1 & 5 Peaking or Shelving
  • Individual and Overall Bypass Switches with Indicators

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