Tired of the same old delay you've heard on every U2 song since 1985? We are. Introducing the Reel Repeat. Enjoy those fat assed warm delay sounds of the analog units, but with the reliability of a modern unit.

As the repeats fade, they loose treble, just like a tape machine. As you increase the delay time, the sounds get a little grit (like tape running slowly).

The pedal can be played like an instrument, Mr. Moog. Bend, Warp, Scream, etc. it's okay, we understand. We do it too.

The Reel Repeat is available in 300ms for you purists, and 600ms if you need more.

Use it once and you will box up that old tape delay and toss it in the attic. Better yet, sell it to some moron on eBay for way too much, then spend the money on Sitori Sonics pedals!

Sitori Sonics Reel Repeat USED!!!


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