n January 2009, ToadWorks USA began development on a pedal that would accurately replicate the harmonic vibrato, and in December of 2009 it was completed. Not content to simply duplicate this functionality, ToadWorks USA has created a stereo version of this unique effect that is also capable of standard tremolo effect as well. With the addition of a low-pass frequency trim adjustment and expression pedal control, ToadWorks has taken Tremolo to the next level.

The key to the harmonic vibrato is a combination of high and low-pass filters applied to alternating (out or phase) modulated signals. The result is something that cannot be adequately described, it must be heard to be fully appreciated.

As with all ToadWorks effect pedals, PipeLine is wired for true-bypass.

ToadWorks PipeLine Harmonic Vibrato/Tremolo USED!!!


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