Tonelab LE Specifications

  • Amp Models (16): Black 2x12, Tweed 1x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC15TB, AC30, AC30TB, UK Blues, UK 68P, UK80s, UK90s, UK Modern, Recto, US HiGain, Boutique OD and Boutique CL
  • Cabinet Simulators (11): Tweed 1x8, Tweed 1x12, Tweed 4x10, Black 2x10, Black 2x12, Vox AC-15, Vox AC-30, Vox AD120VTX, UK H30 4x12, UK T75 4x12, US V30 412
  • Tonelab Effects Pedals (16): Comp, Acoustic, Vox Wah, U-Vibe, Blk/Org Phase, Octave, Ring Modulator, Treble Boost, Tube OD, Super OD, Boutique, Fat Dist, Org Dist, Metal Distortion, Fuzz and Octafuzz
  • Modulators (11): Classic Chorus, Multitap Chorus, Classic Flanger, Blended Chorus, Duo Phase, Textrem, Rotary, Pitch Shifter, Mod Delay, Filtron, Talk Mod
  • Delay (11): Echo Plus, Multi Head, Analog Delay, Mod Delay, Sweep Delay, Stereo Delay, Cross Delay, 2 Tap Delay, Rhythm Delay, Hold Delay and Reverse Delay
  • Reverb (11): Slap, Spring, Bounce, Plate, Garage, Chamber, Canyon, Room, Studio, Hall and Arena
  • Programs: 120 total (30 banks of 4 programs), including 40 factory programs
  • Rocker Pedal: One
  • Connectors: ¼" mono input, ¼" x 2 stereo/mono analog audio outputs, ¼" send and return insert jacks, Headphone (3.5mm), S/PDIF Digital Audio Interface, Midi In/Out, Jack for a 9VAC/3A external AC power supply


Includes Power Supply & Manual

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