Classic Yamaha Sounds!


Coming three years after the launch of the first digital drum machine by Linn (the LM-1 Drum Computer), Yamaha enters the market in early 1984 with the RX11.

The Yamaha RX11 offers 29 different 12bit PCM drum and percussion sounds, including Bass, Snare, Rimshot, High Hat, Tom Tom, Ride, Crash, Claps, Cowbell, and Shaker.

It can be programmed by step (making it easier to enter patterns from written scores as all as complex patterns that could be difficult to play live), or it can programmed by entering the rhythms in real-time on the drum pads.

The RX11 includes a complete range of editing functions, including insert, delete, repeat and copy, and several patterns can be edited together to create a full-scale composition. Up to 10 complete songs can be stored in internal memory, each consisting of up to 255 parts. 

The RX11 allows the level of each instrument to be edited separately. Accents can be added to any instrument, on any beat, and the accent level of the accent can also be precisely controlled for each. Instruments can be panned individually to any position from left to right in the stereo sound field.

The RX11 has a pair of stereo line-level outputs that relay the drum sounds in the stereo locations determined by their independent pan settings, a stereo headphone jack that outputs the same signal as the stereo line, a footswitch jack that permits foot switch rhythm start/stop control, and a full complement of MIDI In/Out connectors.

Lastly, the RX11 has 1/8" stereo input/output jacks (originally used for cassette in/out) and 12 independent instrument assignable outputs. 

The RX11 can control, or be controlled by, other MIDI equipment such as sequencers, synthesizers, and tone generators.

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