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WFL 28" Bass Drum VINTAGE!!!
August 8, 1939 / Zephyr Lugs / Mahogany Shell w/ Maple Re-rings / Cool!!! / $399.99
Leedy Spartan Bass Drum VINTAGE!!!
August 1946 / 14x26" / 3-Ply Shell / Double Tension / Original Nickel / Original Finish / In Round! / SOLD!!!
Rogers Big R Bass Drum VINTAGE!!!
Late 70's / "Big R" 22" Bass Drum / $169.99
Slingerland 32" Bass Drum
Vintage 1960's / Mahogany Shell with Maple Re-Rings / Unwrapped, Unoriginal Clamshell Lugs & Added Spurs / LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!! / $599.99//SOLD
Contemporanea Surdo Drum USED!!!
20" Surdo Drum / Includes Bag / $199.99 / SOLD!!!
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